My Collections

Crochet Corner

I make what moves me but don't forget all my crochet items can be made custom! If you need it in a different size or color just contact me for an order! I can work with pictures for inspiration and ideas!!! Let's create your perfect piece!!

Product Care

Hand or machine wash product with like colors in cold water. Item can then be laid out or hung up to dry. If you are using a dryer either adjust to medium heat or avoid over drying by checking item often. If any of your items have stains soak in baking soda and cold water maybe even a little dish soap. Repeat if necessary!!

Resin Work!!

My resin items are hand poured and decorated. Still growing creatively here, you can find things like earrings, keychains and trinkets here!


I make a few different types of jewelry including crochet, resin based beads, waist beads, necklaces, and bracelets!! ! Never know what you might find.

Kia B's Styles

I also care for natural hair! Below is some of my work which can also be seen on my social medias! I offer an assortment of styles so feel free to ask questions!!!!